Top tips for getting rid of cellulite

6th August 2019

It’s completely normal. Most women have it. And it’s completely harmless. So why are so many people so bothered about cellulite?

Even though it doesn’t have a negative effect on your health and it’s not necessarily directly linked to being overweight, many people consider their cellulite unsightly and it can make them feel self-conscious or not confident in their body.

This harmless ailment is caused by the fat cells pushing up towards the surface, and being visible through the skin. The reason that this is way more common in women than men (it’s believed to affect 90% of women to some degree), is because women’s upper fat cells are arranged in vertical lines, leaving plenty of gaps for the inner fat cells to push up through. 

Men, however, have upper fat cells that are arranged in a criss-cross design, creating a block for the inner fat cells and stopping them from pushing through to the surface (for the most part).

Whatever the cause, many people would simply rather not have cellulite. And while it’s great to learn to love your body exactly the way it is, there are also some things you can do to minimise the appearance of cellulite.

Stay hydrated and eat healthily

It’s good practise in general but particularly if you want to minimise cellulite. Foods that are high in salt causes fat cells to swell, making your cellulite more pronounced, while being dehydrated can make your skin thinner and therefore allow your cellulite to show more.

Eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of nutrients and aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Stay away from drinks that are full of sugar (like fizzy drinks or fruit juices) because you may be getting lots of extra calories there without realising it.

Massage the area

It only requires a few minutes a day, but gently massaging the affected area can noticeably improve the appearance of cellulite. This is because working the skin can help to improve blood flow and get rid of excess fluid.

Stop smoking

Along with many other health benefits that kicking your smoking habit for good can have, it can also help to get rid of cellulite. When you smoke, it has a negative effect on the supply of blood to the skin, which can make cellulite worse.

Stopping smoking may not be the easiest quick-fix for cellulite; quitting takes a lot of willpower, determination and help from those around you. However, there are also a number of additional tools that can help you stop for good. Using nicotine replacement therapy is a popular option while prescription medications like Champix prove to be the most effective.

Strengthen your muscles

Exercise is great for a number of reasons; it can improve your energy, lift your mood and may even become a hobby. Plus it has a dual action when it comes to cellulite reduction.

Exercising can not only help to reduce your fat levels, but by strengthening the muscles specifically under the areas affected by cellulite can make your skin appear smoother and more even.

Use a specifically-designed product

Products that are specifically designed to tackle cellulite are usually a pretty good way to go! Bio-Oil is the world’s leading product for stretch marks and scars because it drastically improves the appearance of your skin. Massaging a small amount in to your skin on a daily basis will help to promote healthy skin and get you feeling more confident in your body.