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Fit-To-Fly Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test - Home Testing Kit For Travel


This test is ideal for anyone travelling to a country which now accept antigen tests for entry. The test can easily be completed in the comfort of your own home and your results are generated by the London Medical Laboratory. Results can be accessed within 60 minutes meaning you are fit to fly within the hour!

Highly accurate and easy to complete, this kit is a must-have for the budding traveller in this new world of travel restrictions.

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  • Easy to complete
  • Complete in your own home
  • Tested by a London laboratory
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Rapid Test FAQs

Why are rapid tests referred to as rapid tests?

Antigen rapid tests are called "rapid" because they can provide you with test results within 15 minutes of use. They are inexpensive and convenient for use for flights, for employers who require periodic testing or if you are simply curious whether you currently have Covid-19 and would like to see your lateral flow results.

What is an Antigen Rapid Test?

An antigen rapid test, also known as a LFT test or lateral flow test, is a kit that allows you to test for Covid-19 antigens in your system. The test will allow you to determine whether you are sick or have had Covid-19. A lateral flow fit to fly test is a rapid test that also provides a fit to fly certificate, in case your airline needs one prior to your flight.

What are antigen test kits?

These kits, also called lateral flow kits, rapid tests and antigen test kits, are used to determine whether you currently have Covid-19. If the result is negative, you can use the test results to satisfy your employer, an airline for travel purposes or whatever other need you have to prove you are free from Covid-19. These tests are considered legitimate by the UK government.

Where to buy Lateral Flow Tests?

You can find a lateral flow test for sale here at UK Meds. Lateral flow tests are inexpensive here. We have them for sale for less than £5 at the top of this page. This test provides what you need to travel or work if they are required by an airliner or your employer, respectively.

If you happen to need fit to fly antigen test, also known as a "fit to fly certificate" or "fit to fly letter", we have them available for less than £20. These tests are the same as a lateral flow test, but they are reviewed by a lab that issues a certificate that you are fit to fly. This certificate is sent via email and is printable.

What about if you need a lateral flow test Cardiff or other city? Because we have overnight shipping, it can be more convenient to order online. We can ship to Cardiff, along with all other cities in England and the UK. Order today if you need a lateral flow test shipped to Cardiff.

How Much are Lateral Flow Tests?

Many customers ask us 'how much are lateral flow tests to buy?'. They are inexpensive from UK Meds. A simple lateral flow test is less than £5, whereas a fit to fly certificate that will enable you to travel with airlines that require them costs less than £20. The kits are the same type of lateral flow test, but the later also provides an emailed certificate you can print off that states you are fit to fly.

What is a Travel Testing Kit for Covid-19?

You can order travel testing kits for use at home, that provide test results you can use for work or travel. For people who are not fully vaccinated, a Covid-19 detection test will be required for flight. This can be a lateral flow test, such as the one available above for less than £5. This type of test is accepted for many flights in and out of the UK.

Some flights may require a certification that you are fit to fly. This involves a doctor reviewing your lateral flow test result and confirming that you are fit to fly in a letter. You can get lateral flow tests pharmacy that provide a "fit to fly" certificate for less than £20 from UK Meds. Place your order today to receive overnight shipping on lateral flow tests most nights of the week.

What is a Covid-19 antigen test for travel?

If you need antigen travel testing, this can be done with a lateral flow test. They are also called rapid tests, because they provide results in as little as 15 minutes. These tests can be purchased above for as little as £4.78 from UK Meds. While this test is UK government approved, you may need a doctor to review the results and provide a "fit to fly" certificate if you are using the test for flying.

Why are rapid anitgen tests used for travel?

These antigen testing kits, also called 'lateral flow kits', are a rapid test for Covid-19 antigens. They determine whether you currently have the Covid-19 virus. These testing kits provide quick results (less than 15 minutes), and so are also called "rapid tests", making them perfect for on-the-go testing when you are travelling. They are available for sale from UK Meds.

Do I need an antigen test for flying?

Lateral flow tests for flying are the same, whether you need a simple test result, or if you need a certificate that you are fit to fly. We have both available above, the test kit is available for less than £5, while the lateral flow test with fit to fly certificate is available for less than £20. The only difference is that a doctor will review the test result and provide a fit to fly certificate with the more-expensive test. Determine whether you need a fit to fly certificate with your airline prior to flight. If you do, the process is fairly simple to get a certificate.

First, order a private lateral flow test for travel above, the "Fit to Fly" certificate. This will me mailed to you with next day shipping. Once you receive the test, use it and receive your test results within 15 minutes. If the test result shows negative, take a photo of the result and send it through email to an address provided. A doctor will review the test result and email you back a printable certificate within 60 minutes. In most cases, you can get your certificate within 24 hours of placing an order here at UK Meds.

Are rapid antigen tests private?

There are various levels of privacy. We have lateral flow tests that are inexpensive and can be used in the privacy of your home. Once you receive the result of your lateral flow test, the results are completely private. However, most people take a test in order to prove that they do not have Covid-19 for some purpose, whether it is to satisfy work requirements or to travel (or your own peace of mind). Once you share the results, they are no longer private. If you are concerned about keeping your lateral flow test private, speak with your employer, or airline with which you are sharing your test results in order to discover what they will do with the data.

What are Fit to Fly Rapid Antigen Tests?

Airlines require people who are not fully vaccinated to perform a rapid antigen test, also known as a lateral flow test, prior to flight. Some airlines will accept a simple test result, whereas others will want a doctor to review your test result and issue a fit to fly certificate. Speak with your airline prior to flight to see what type of proof they will require that you are negative for Covid-19. For those who need a lateral flow test flying kit, we have them available above for as little as £19.99.

Can I test for Covid-19 at home?

Yes, there are inexpensive at-home rapid antigen test kits. We have rapid antigen tests, also known as lateral flow tests, available. These tests can be taken in the privacy of your own home. You can use the results of this test for work, travel or other purposes that require a negative Covid-19 test result. Order your home testing kit from UK Meds today and receive overnight shipping.

What is an antigen test home kit?

Lateral flow antigen tests for Covid-19 are a means of detecting whether a person currently is infected with the coronavirus. There are many names for "antigen home tests", they are also called rapid tests and lateral flow tests. "Rapid tests" refers to how quickly you can receive the result of the test. You can receive the result of a lateral flow test in 15 minutes after using our kit.

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