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This new normal we face as we learn to live with relaxed restrictions, but Covid-19 still around, can be very overwhelming and leave you uneasy. The UK Meds PPE Bundle is your one-stop shop for fundamental PPE, making you prepared to take on the world as we leave our homes for the outside. This pack is great value for money at £22.49.

Contains 2 x 10 ViMasks, 2 x 50 Type IIR Surgical Masks, 5 x 50ml Hand Sanitisers and 1 x Box of 100 Disposable Gloves

  • Essential for your safety and protection
  • Great value for money
  • Mixture of different masks and hand sanitisers
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As we try to adapt to this new muddled world where Covid-19 is very much still around, but many of the restrictions have relaxed, it's hard to know where we stand. As people leave their homes more, whether that's returning to the office or beginning to travel abroad, effective PPE is becoming a necessity in our homes for when it's needed. As an operating online clinic, UK Meds completely understands the need for effective PPE. The safety of own staff is a huge priority, as is the safety of our customers.

Hence why we have created the Ultimate PPE Bundle. PPE is essential for your safety and protection and ensuring all vulnerable areas of the body are protected by PPE is vital. Containing a mixture of masks and hand sanitisers, this pack will leave you fully equipped and confident that you can feel safe outside.

This pack is amazing value for money at £22.49 and contains:


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