Skins Natural Delay Serum (Ejaculation Delay Serum)

Combat premature ejaculation by using Skins natural delay serum. This serum is an award-winning treatment of premature ejaculation, giving men the ability to last longer in bed. The serum can be applied well in advance of sexual activity, and is completely safe for both the applicant and their partner. The serum is also oral sex safe. Available in a serum, an ejaculation delay spray and a 5ml sachet for use on the go.
  • Last longer
  • Apply in advance
  • Safe for both partners
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Skins Delay Serum is an award winning product that contains all-natural ingredients to help men combat premature ejaculation. This product can help men all over the world combat one of the most common sexual health and performance concerns.

The blend of all-natural ingredients in Skins Natural Delay Serum work to delay the sensations of premature ejaculation to allow a man to have longer, more fulfilling sexual intercourse.

Yes, Skins Natural Delay Serum is very effective at helping to treat premature ejaculation in men.

Skins Natural Delay Serum uses its unique blend of all natural ingredients to help delay a man's orgasm during sexual intercourse in solo masturbation. 

Ejaculation Delay Serum

Skins Natural Delay Serum is easy to use. Depending on your sensitivity, massage around 2-6 sprays into the head of the penis prior to sex. When you first apply the serum you should experience a sensation. This is meant to happen and occurs so that you know the serum is working for you. 

For the majority of men that use Skins Natural Delay Serum it is proven to be very effective at treating the symptoms of premature ejaculation. It has even won awards due to its effectiveness. 

After you have applied the serum you will need to leave around 10 minutes for it to soak in before engaging in sexual activity. 

When you use Skins Natural Delay Serum, you should use an amount depending on your sensitivity. It is recommended that you use between 2-6 pumps in order to achieve the desired results. 

Depending on your individual sensitivity, it is recommended that you use between 2-6 pumps of the serum. If you are more sensitive, use a larger amount of pumps.

There are a number of different premature ejaculation treatments that you can purchase online from UK Meds, including Priligy, EMLA Cream, Stud 100 and more. 

Yes, it is completely safe for a man to use Skins Natural Delay Serum during sexual intercourse with his pregnant partner. 

It is important to read the information leaflet included with the delay serum in order to fully understand the warnings that are associated with this treatment.

Buy Skins Natural Delay Serum

You can purchase Skins Natural Delay Serum online from UK Meds, as well as other premature ejaculation medications and treatments.


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