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Cerazette, or simply the “mini pill” is a contraceptive pill that contains only the progestogen active ingredient. It has undergone numerous clinical trials and has been proven to be more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

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Contraceptive Pills

UK Meds asked our favorite doctor, Dr. Christian Jessen, to explain Contraceptives. Below is what he has to say.

Contraceptive pills, or birth control pills are a simple and effective way to prevent pregnancy. They can also help make your periods more regular and ease menstrual cramps. They can even, in some cases, help with acne. If you follow instructions properly and you use contraceptive pills in the right way they can provide reliable protection against pregnancy.

They work by stopping ovulation, if there is no egg being released then there is nothing to be fertilized by a sperm. Most birth control pills contain synthetic forms of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. You can order contraceptive pills by UK Meds, a prescription is required but if you don't have one, the online doctor's service at UK Meds can assist you so you can order your contraceptive pills online, such as Brevinor, Cerazette, Cerelle, Cilest, Dianette, Evra Patch and many others from the convenience of your home.

- Dr. Christian Jessen

The video and article above is for information purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose a condition or prescribe a medicine. If you have any specific concerns about your health, please consult your GP or use our online doctor's service. You can follow Dr. Christian Jessen online on his Twitter account.

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What is Cerazette?

It is a contraception pill designed to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. Cerazette is a progestogen-only pill (POP), or mini pill. Each box of Cerazette contains three strips of 28 tablets. Each tablet contains desogestrel, a synthetic progesterone, similar to the natural progesterones produced by the body. The mini pill is taken every day without a break (unlike the combined contraceptive pill which is usually taken for 21 days followed by a 7 day break). You may not necessarily have a regular period with the mini pill. Some women will, while others may experience spotting or have no period at all. Desogestrel, the pill's key ingredient, can prevent the ovulation process in most women. This is not the case for other mini-pills. This pill gives you more flexibility because it is possible to take this up 12 hours later than usual in comparison to the three-hour window period of others.

How to buy Cerazette online?

You can buy it at UK Meds, and you have the option of getting the three- or six-month supply. Getting the six-month supply provides more convenience and savings in the long run. Since this mini pill only has the synthetic progestogen, it is enormously bearable for women who have sensitive reaction to the oestrogen hormone, or for women who are breastfeeding, aged 35 and above and smokers.

For those wanting to order Cerazette online, there is a need to accomplish an online consultation. This is a requirement for the procurement of any prescription medication in the UK. It is a safety measure for the users so that they will only receive effective and safe medicines or pills. After the issuance of the prescription, you can now place an order. With next day delivery services, you can receive the items you ordered as soon as possible. Repeating the order is made simpler and faster. We are equipped with customer relationship management services so you will be reminded the next time you need to purchase the contraceptive.

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More Information

Cerazette is classified as "mini-pill". This oral contraceptive pill contains the synthetic version of progestogen. This is an ideal contraceptive option for women who are sensitive to oestrogen. Many of the contraceptive pills are unsuitable for smoking women and those who are over 35 years of age, but Cerazette is appropriate for them.

The chief role of of the tablet is to safeguard against pregnancy with 99% effectiveness. Additional benefits of using this mini pill include easing of the cramping due to menstruation, reduction of the heavy menstrual flow and regulation of the menstrual cycle.

The pill should be taken for 28 days, which is the full cycle of a woman's period.

How does Cerazette work?

This mini pill works to prevent pregnancy in three different ways. The first way is by preventing ovulation. This is achieved by tricking the body into thinking that ovulation has occurred and so, the ovaries will not release egg cells. If there are few egg cells released, the pill then works by thinning of the womb lining thanks to the artificial progestogen hormone. This makes it hard for egg cells to attach to the womb. Lastly, this pill can work to thicken the cervical fluid making it difficult for the sperm cells to find and fertilised the released egg cells.

How to take Cerazette?

Every blister pack has 28 pills, and it must be taken for 28 consecutive days, or during the regular menstrual cycle. To get the 99% effectiveness of this mini pill, consume it on a regular basis.Orally consume one pill a day with or without water or food and do it at the same time each day. It is advisable to consume the pill during the first day of the period, and the protected will immediately begin. If you take the pill past the first day, there is a need for additional protection for up to seven days. It is not formulated to protect you against sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, exercise additional protection if unsure about the health of your partner.

Efficacy of this pill may be reduced if you miss a single pill.

What if I forget to take Cerazette?

  • If you are under 12 hours late, take the missed pill as soon you can and proceed to take the next dose at the usual time.
  • If you are over 12 hours late with taking your pill, the contraceptive protection Cerazette provides could potentially be reduced.

You should refer to the patient information leaflet for more information regarding missing a pill.

Cerazette Dosages

The formulation of Cerazette is the amount clinically proven to be highly effective with minimal risk to the health. This dosage is 75mcg of the desogestrel, an artificial progestogen substance.

Side effects and precautions

Cerazette is a very tolerable pill due to the absence of oestrogen. This makes it appropriate for the majority of women, which includes those over 35, smokers, have headaches or migraines and even those who are sensitive to oestrogen. Side effects may still occur, but these are mild and/or temporary. These side effects include nausea, headaches, spotting, breast tenderness, low libido and mood changes.

Consider the following precautions before buying and using Cerazette:

  • If you are allergic to the ingredients below, do not buy it
  • Have or had liver or breast cancer
  • Have or had Thrombosis
  • Have or had Diabetes
  • Have or had Epilepsy
  • Have or had Tuberculosis
  • Have or had High blood pressure