Diabetes is a condition where your blood sugar levels become too high. It comes in two forms, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes include blurry vision, feeling tired, feeling thirsty and urinating more frequently.

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We've asked (our favourite) doctor Dr Christian Jessen

to explain Diabetes and the treatments available
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What is Diabetes medicine?

It is the kind of medicine you take depends on your type of diabetes, your schedule, and your other health conditions. With type 1 diabetes, your pancreas does not make insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose get into your cells to give them energy. Without insulin, too much glucose stays in your blood.

The goal of treatment for you is to help your body use your insulin better or to get rid of extra sugar in your blood. Most medications for type 2 diabetes are oral drugs. However, a few come as injections. Some people with type 2 diabetes may also need to take insulin.

There are several types of medicines for diabetes, one of the cheaper and more prescribed ones is called Metformin. You can buy it by clicking the previous link. Your doctor will help prescribe which is the best diabetes medicine for you.

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