Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Pattern hair loss is a condition that causes hair loss primarily on the top and front of the scalp. This can also be seen as a receding hairline in men and thinning of the hair in females. The condition affects around half of males and is the most common cause for hair loss.

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What is Finasteride?

Finasteride tablets are a medicine used to cure male pattern baldness. They can also be used to treat an enlarged prostate. How successful is it in restoring your hair? There was a study conducted by the US FDA which involved 1879 men who had mild to moderate (but not complete) hair loss. The studies provided a "significant" difference in hair growth between those who took the medicine and the control placebo group.

Approximately 2200 hairs grow on a healthy head, per square inch. Taking it allowed an average increase of 277 hairs per square inch for those who used it. While an increase of 12.5% may constitute a significant increase to some, it should be stressed that it is not a complete solution to restoring hair on moderate to severely balding heads.

These numbers could be made more accurate and informative had the FDA labeling included a figure for the average number of hairs per square inch in the study participants, but no such figure is presented. (The FDA’s statistical review, at Appendix Table 1A, however, notes for one of the three studies a baseline hair count of 856.1 hairs per square inch, and an average hair count at month 12 of 944.9, for an average increase of 88.8 hairs, or about 10%.)

What is Propecia?

Propecia tablets are simply a branded version. They are chemically the same product. You typically can always expect a monetary savings when using a generic product as opposed to the brand name. We have both for sale, so if you prefer a branded drug we can ship it to you. Whether you buy Finasteride or Propecia, you are receiving the same drug composition.

Can Propecia restore a receding hairline? There is no consensus or studies that have tracked this specific question. There is anecdotal evidence that it does help in some cases while does not in others. If you are concerned with a receding hairline, it may be better to treat your hair early to preserve your hair longer, rather than let it recede and then try to fill it in at a later date.

In general, Propecia is considered a great strategy for slowing balding, or regrowing hair, over the entire scalp -- but is generally not considered the best treatment for a receding hairline. Other solutions, such as hair implants or topical Minoxidil gel, allow for a targeted treatment on specific areas of your scalp.

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