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Genital Herpes Treatment

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The Truth About Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which is alarmingly common these days.Naturally, this disease is passed on from one person to another through sexual intercourse. The Herpes Simplex Virus-2 or HSV-2 is usually the cause for this infection. Another cause for this particular infection is the Herpes Simplex Virus-1 or HSV-1, which is usually the one that is responsible for symptoms such as cold sores, often found on the face, anus and genital areas. More often than not, the cases of people with genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2. The herpes simplex virus type 1 is usually the cause of, as earlier indicated, fever blisters or cold sores, but it may also be the cause of a cause of this diseases, in some cases.

When it comes to genital herpes, people with this sexually transmitted diseases do not know that they actually have it. The reason for this is that people infected with it do not show any of the usual symptoms or if they do, these symptoms are so mild or common that they do not think anything of it.

As earlier mentioned, there are two types of the herpes virus. Although generally undetected, once a person shows the signs of having the symptoms for genital herpes, the first effect of the infection can become quite painful and eventually severe. Blisters and cold sores can appear and it is possible for inflammation at the location of the infection to occur. This causes the infected individual to feel sick and would have some pain or a burning sensation while urinating. After this initial effect of genital herpes, the virus can possibly enter into a dormant stage in the nerve, which is known to supply the feeling in the infected area. Although dormant, the virus can become active again and proceed with the same symptoms once more.

In some cases with people having genital herpes, they begin to acquire warning symptoms thatthe virus is activated once more. Some of these warning signs include: a tingling, itching and even painful sensation within the genital area. After this, the cold sores and blisters begin to appear once more. With the recurrence of the virus, the symptoms may occur in a less severe manner, when compared to the first occurrence of the infection. In other cases, the virus may be reactivated but will not show any signs of the symptoms.

Who is in Danger of Getting Genital Herpes?

As genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, it is obvious that those in danger in acquiring it is people who are sexually active, are prone not to use proper protection such as condoms and who have more than one sexual partner.

How is Genital Herpes Acquired?

This sexually transmitted disease is acquired when an infected individual is in contact with someone who has the virus. For it to happen, a direct contact with the virus via unprotected anal or vaginal sex and even oral sex has to happen. If a sexual partner has cold sores, that individual is most likely to have the herpes simplex virus. Even a person who has this virus but does not show any symptoms are still capable of passing on genital herpes to their initially uninfected sexual partner. That is why using a condom is crucial.

The Symptoms of Genital Herpes

There are some cases that people with this sexually transmitted disease do not show signs of having it in their system but are still able to pass it on to others during sexual intercourse unknowingly. For some however, they might see some symptoms of having the virus as early as a few days to even weeks after contact with an infected individual. Or, one could not show signs of having the virus until after months or in rare cases, years after.

But whether the symptoms show up within a few days or after several years, the fact of the matter is that once it starts, it can become quite painful and severe. It may begin with just a few mild blisters but would eventually turn into something more noticeable when it breaks open and begins to produce highly raw and painful sores. Within a few weeks, these blisters and cold sores will scab and heal. During the time these occur however, one may experience flu-like symptoms that are accompanied with swollen lymph nodes and fever.

For men and women, the initial symptom of having genital herpes may begin with a tingling and itching feeling around the genital areas. Cracked, red and raw areas in the genital areas may also occur. In some cases, a tingling or itching sensation within the anal region may also occur. The next symptom that follows is the breakout of small blisters. As earlier indicated, these blisters will eventually open to become highly painful cold sores. These cold sores can appear within the genital areas as well as on the rectal, thigh and buttocks areas. In some rare cases, these sores can appear inside the urethra, the tube wherein the urine passes through while going out of the body. Other symptoms of genital herpes include headaches, back pain and fatigue.

The Severity of Genital Herpes to Ones Health and Well-Being

For most people who have this sexually transmitted disease, the symptoms are simply mild and do not frequently occur. Unfortunately for some, the effect of this virus can become quite painful, severe and can be recurring in nature. For pregnant women with genital herpes, they put their infants at risk for acquiring neonatal herpes. It occurs when the mother is experiencing the first episode of the infection during the time she is about to deliver the child. This can be quite life-threatening to the child but is not a common occurrence in the United Kingdom. For women with recurring herpes prior to her being pregnant, the chances of passing on the infection to their child is minimal.

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Side Effects of the Treatment

Like any treatment, there are some side effects to taking antiviral medication for genital herpes. Some of these include: abdominal pain, fatigue, diarrhea, the feeling of nausea and headaches.

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