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    How much is a prescription?

    Getting a prescription for the medications that you need has been part and parcel of the healthcare experience in the United Kingdom for over 100 years. In this article, we will look into prescription pricing, exploring what prescriptions entail, the various types of prescriptions available, and their associated costs. We will also answer frequently asked questions regarding prescriptions and private prescriptions, including where you can get them, whether they are free, and how you can get them.

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    What is a prescription?

    A prescription, by definition from Merriam-Webster, is a formal document that is issued by a qualified healthcare provider such as a doctor or nurse that provides directions to give a patient a particular medication. A prescription serves as a link between healthcare providers, ensuring that patients will receive the correct medication that is tailored to their medical needs.  The document contains information regarding the medication that the patient needs including its name and dosage. In some cases, prescriptions also include details such as dosing schedules or considerations that need to be taken into account.

    What types of prescriptions are there?

    In the United Kingdom, there are two main types of prescriptions. These are private prescriptions and NHS prescriptions. Here is some information you should know about both types of prescriptions. 

    • Private Prescriptions: Private prescriptions are issued by private healthcare providers and are not covered by the NHS. Patients often choose private prescriptions for a number of reasons. They can gain access to medications not available through the NHS, or will seek private healthcare when they feel they have been let down by the NHS.

    • NHS Prescription: NHS prescriptions are issued by healthcare professionals working within the National Health Service. These prescriptions allow patients to obtain medications and treatments that are covered by the NHS.

    How much does an NHS prescription cost?

    As of the latest update, the cost of an NHS prescription in England is £9.65 per item. It's essential to note that this charge applies to each medication item listed on the prescription, rather than to the prescription as a whole. For instance, if your prescription includes three different medications, you would pay the prescription charge three times, once for each item, according to the NHS. Certain items are exempt from prescription charges. People with multiple prescriptions can purchase a Prescription Payment Certificate, known as a PPC. You can purchase a 3-month and a 12-month PPC as well as an HRT PPC. They cost £31.25, £111.60 and £19.30 respectively.

    How have NHS prescription prices changed over time?

    NHS prescription prices have indeed changed over time. Here is a handy table that outlines all of the NHS prescription price changes from 2015.





    Can I get a free prescription?

    With the NHS, certain items are always provided on a free prescription. The NHS also provides a service that allows you to check whether you are eligible for a free prescription. You can also get private prescriptions for free. With UK Meds, you can get a free private prescription for a wide variety of medications by completing our online consultation. If the consultation is approved then you will be provided with a free private prescription. 

    How much does a private prescription cost?

    Private prescription costs can fluctuate and are not fixed like the NHS fee of £9.65 per item. Contrary to common belief, private prescriptions might actually be cheaper than NHS prescriptions, according to iam|INSURED. This is because the NHS charges a standard fee, which might result in paying more for your prescription than if you were to buy the same medication over the counter. Since private prescriptions don't have a set charge, they can sometimes be more affordable. The total cost of a private prescription comprises the medication price and any associated consultation fees. Medication costs can differ between providers, so it's worth comparing prices to find the most economical option. At UK Meds, we offer both a free consultation and a free private prescription on a number of different prescription medications. UK Meds offer excellent prices on a wide variety of medications, a free consultation and a free private prescription without the need to leave your home. 

    Can I get a private prescription at UK Meds?

    Yes, you can get a free private prescription from UK Meds by completing our online consultation that ensures the medication you are trying to purchase is right for you. Your consultation will be reviewed, and if it is approved, you will be given a free private prescription.

    How much is a private prescription at UK Meds?

    The private prescription that you get from UK Meds is completely free. It will be given to you after your consultation has been reviewed and approved. At UK Meds, you can get a free private prescription for a variety of different medications. UK Meds also offers subscriptions to many of our products that not only save you money but also get you exclusive access to a number of other benefits with UK Meds Plus.


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