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    What is UK Meds Plus? An Introduction to our Subscription Service

    Want to save money and make the most of your experience when using UK Meds? You’re in luck - welcome to UK Meds Plus. In this article, we will provide you with an introduction to UK Meds Plus so you know what you’re getting when you subscribe. We will explore what UK Meds Plus is, what benefits you can get with UK Meds Plus, as well as how UK Meds Plus works. 

    What is UK Meds Plus?

    UK Meds Plus is our new and improved subscription membership. UK Meds Plus offers a range of benefits that can help manage your health (and your bank balance) even better. Whilst UK Meds Plus is not compulsory, the range of benefits that it can provide you make it a great option to consider when you are purchasing your medications online.

    UK Meds Plus is included as part of every new subscription order you make automatically, for free. If you already have a subscription then no action is needed, existing subscriptions are already part of UK Meds Plus.

    What benefits can you get with UK Meds Plus?

    When you subscribe to UK Meds Plus, you are opening up a number of benefits that are only accessible to UK Meds Plus subscribers. These benefits include:

    • Saving Money on Your Medication:

    • Save 10% on your first subscription

    • Save 15% on any additional subscriptions

    • Save 10% on one-time orders

    • Discounted Delivery:

    • Save 10% on delivery with all one-time orders

    • Get free delivery on all subscription orders

    • Priority Customer Service:

    • Your call, email or live chat message will be prioritised whenever you contact us. You can view the priority contact details in your account.

    If you want to experience all of these benefits, as well as the overall benefits of ordering your medications online, then you can subscribe to UK Meds Plus today. 

    How does UK Meds Plus work?

    UK Meds Plus works in a very similar way to UK Meds, however, the main difference is how you sign up. Here is how you sign up for UK Meds Plus:

    1. Select your medication and delivery frequency: Simply select your medication on UK Meds, for example, Ventolin asthma inhalers. Click ‘Subscribe and Save’ and select your frequency. For Ventolin asthma inhalers, the frequency you can order is every 1, 2 and 3 months.

    2. Complete a quick online consultation form: Our online consultation form checks that you are suitable for purchasing the medication you need. If successful, you will be provided with a free private prescription.

    3. Get your medication delivered to your door: Once you have completed our consultation you can complete your purchase and make the most of your discounted delivery rates. 

    UK Meds Plus is included with every new subscription order for free. If you already have a subscription with UK Meds, you are already part of UK Meds Plus. 


    Subscribe and Save On Your Medication with our UK Meds Plus Subscription Service | UK Meds

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