Is penis enlargement possible?

20th January 2020

A quick search of the internet will reveal that there are millions of men who are worried that their penis isn’t big enough, and plenty of companies offering a solution to that with various penis enlargement methods. But do these really work? And more importantly, do men actually need them to?

What’s the average penis size?

Ask men this question and they will likely overestimate the answer. Men’s worry that their penis isn’t big enough often stems from large penises being depicted as the norm in pornography and on the internet, which leads them to thinking that they could be significantly below average.

Actually, the average size for an erect penis is 5.5-6.3 inches (14-16cm) in length and 4-5 inches (12-13cm) in girth. Even if your penis is smaller than average, it’s not considered medically small unless it’s under 3 inches when fully erect. This is what’s known as a micropenis.

Why do men want to enlarge their penis?

The interesting part of reading up on penis enlargement comes from the reason behind its popularity. 

Approximately 75% of all women can’t reach orgasm from intercourse alone, with most needing extra input from hands, tongue or sex toys. So if three quarters of all women can’t reach climax from being penetrated, it seems fairly irrelevant how big the penis is that’s doing the penetrating.

In fact, most women view penis size as fairly low down the list on their priorities for a sexual partner, with effort, confidence and sexual chemistry usually ranking much higher on the list.

So why are so many men worried that their penises aren’t big enough? Whatever the cause of the anxiety, it’s created a multimillion-pound industry that’s been able to profit off of this worry with “male enhancement products”. Below, we dive a little deeper into which ones (if any) actually work...

Penis enlargement methods

Penile extenders

This method involves hanging weights or using a small frame to stretch the penis when it’s flaccid. There is some evidence that these kinds of devices can have an impact, especially for men who are smaller in size. However, they can be dangerous and can even cause permanent damage. The use of such devices shouldn’t be started without speaking to a doctor first.

Pills and lotions

Unfortunately, any pill or lotion that is sold as a magical penis enlargement solution is likely nothing more than a vitamin or herb. If there were pills or lotions that could effectively increase penis size, then they would be available via a pharmacy or doctor (in the same way that treatments for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are).

Vacuum pumps

Also known as penis pumps, these devices are used by placing a tube over the penis and then pumping the air out to create a vacuum. While these pumps can be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, there’s very little evidence to show that they cause any kind of long-term increase in size. And worryingly, overuse of them can actually damage your penis and lead to weaker erections.


Jelqing is more of a DIY penis enlargement method so one benefit is that you won’t have to waste money in the pursuit of a larger penis. However, there’s still no scientific evidence that it can increase penis size.

Jelqing involves repeatedly pulling your penis (when flaccid) using the thumb and index finger. The idea behind the exercise is that it can increase the blood capacity of the penis’ erectile tissue, but there’s nothing to support this theory.

Penis length surgery

Penis surgery is actually a thing, and the most common way to add length is to perform a skin graft at the base of the penis to allow for extra length. While this kind of surgery can extend the flaccid penis by an average of 2cm, it does absolutely nothing to change the size of your erection.

Furthermore, surgery of this kind involves cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, which can change the angle of your erection and can make sex more difficult, not to mention uncomfortable.

Penis girth surgery

If it’s your penis girth, rather than the length that you’re worried about, then there’s a surgery for that too. This one involves injecting fat into the penis which is taken from other parts of the body.

While it can increase girth by 2-4cm, it can cause problems in the long-term, including scarring, infection and disfigurement.

What you can do to make your penis feel larger

Even though any method that’s sold to you as a ‘penis enlarger’ is likely not to give you the results you’re looking for (if any at all), there are some ways to make your penis look or feel larger.

Lose weight

If your stomach is protruding over your penis then it can make it look smaller. Also, if you’re overweight or obese, any weight carried around your pubic area could actually be partly burying your penis.

If you struggle with losing weight by diet and exercise alone then you may benefit from weight loss pills such as Orlistat, to help you get down to a healthy weight and feel better about your body, and your penis.

Trim your pubic hair

If you’ve left things au naturel up until now then you may want to consider a little male grooming. Lots of pubic hair surrounding the penis can actually make it appear smaller, so trimming back can make it look bigger.

Get help with your erections

If you’re worried that your penis is too small, it may simply be that your penis is never getting 100% erect, or that you’re not able to sustain a full erection for any amount of time.

If this is the case then you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction and could notice a huge difference with the help of ED medications such as Viagra (or its generic Sildenafil) or Cialis (or its generic Tadalafil).


There are plenty of methods and products out there that promise to increase penis size, but most don’t work and could cause more problems than they’re worth. Especially since most men’s penises are normal and nothing to worry about. Instead, focus on being a good sexual partner by being unselfish, creative and attentive. It’s what most women care more about after all.