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Saxenda is an effective weight loss, injectable medicine. It works by suppressing your appetite as well as reducing overall cravings.

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You can view the video on how to administer Saxenda here.

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  • Injectable medicine
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Reduces cravings
  • Effective medication
  • Must be kept chilled
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Saxenda Weight Loss Injection

Saxenda is a once daily injectable medication that is used to help people lose weight. Studies have shown that Saxenda can help people lose more weight than if they were dieting alone. This weight loss drug is intended for adults over the age of 18. It is most effective when following a reduced calorie, low fat diet.

For more information on the prescription medication patients should refer to the Saxenda patient information leaflet.

Saxenda's manufacturers claim that 3 out of 5 users had considerable weight loss of at least 5%. (meaning an average of 12lb). Their website, has more details on Saxenda's benefits.

Saxenda contains the ingredient Liraglutide. This works in the same way as a natural substance found in the body called GLP-1, which helps to regulate blood sugar after eating. By mimicking this hormone, Saxenda helps the brain to acknowledge that the body is full after we've eaten less food (consuming less calories) than we normally would. Essentially, Saxenda can help you to reduce the number of calories you eat which reduces your body weight as a result.

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A pen will last approximately six days, depending on what your per-day dose is. Between uses, store your pen in a refrigerator.

Saxenda can be injected with or without food but it is important that you take it at the same time each day. You may find it easier to remember to do this if you take Saxenda alongside a meal, such as breakfast. It can be injected into the abdomen, thigh and upper arm, however, you can change the site of the injection if you feel uncomfortable. Do not inject Saxenda into a vein or into muscle.

When you first use Saxenda, you will start on a low dose and slowly increase this over the first five weeks to the maximum effective dose. Treatment should be stopped after 12 weeks if at least 5% of initial body-weight has not been lost. A typical dosing regimen can follow the below:

WeekDose to be InjectedQuantity to be Injected
10.6mg once daily0.1ml
21.2mg once daily0.2mls
31.8mg once daily0.3mls
42.4mg once daily0.4mls
5 & Onwards3.0mg once daily0.5mls



You can view the video on how to administer Saxenda in the video below or here.

Saxenda is an injection pen which is taken under the skin, referred to medically as a subcutaneous injection. Typically the best place on your body to take a Saxenda injection is on your upper leg (thigh), stomach (abdomen) or on your upper arm).

Saxenda should be stored in the fridge and must be used before the expiry date shown on the pack. Do not store Saxenda in the freezer. When you aren't using the pen, keep the cap on to avoid light from damaging the solution. Where can you get Saxenda in the UK? Get it here at UK Meds. We have the best Saxenda prices. The current Saxenda cost is £68.99 at the time of writing.

Saxenda has been tested for promotion of weight loss and showed that 3,731 participants lost an average of 8% of their body weight over a 56-week trial. The same study also showed that 92% of participants lost weight when Saxenda was used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Your doctor should periodically check the course of the treatment. If, after 12 weeks on the 3.0mg daily dose, you have not dropped at least 5% of your body weight, it should be stopped.

If you stop using Saxenda, it is possible that you could regain weight

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How long a Saxenda pen lasts is dependant on which stage of treatment you're currently at. Your first Saxenda pen typically lasts around 2 weeks. When your dosage increases a Saxenda injection pen will last around 6 days typically.

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Perhaps the best alternative to Saxenda is Ozempic. Similarly to Saxenda, Ozempic is injectable and can help people to lose weight if used correctly, alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet. Ozempic can also help people to manage their blood sugar levels if they are suffering from type two diabetes.

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