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  • For use in attacks of breathlessness
  • Helps to relieve symptoms
  • Suitable for asthma and COPD
  • Genuine medication
  • All drugs sourced in the UK

Salamol is available as a CFC-free inhaler, Salamol easi-breathe CFC-free inhaler, and Salamol steri-nebs, which all contain the active ingredient salbutamol. Salbutamol works by acting on receptors in the lungs called beta 2 receptors. The medicine causes the muscles in the airways to relax and allows the opening of the airways for easy breathing.

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Please note: this page is only to be used as a reference of our price for this medication. If you are approved for Asthma/COPD medication, you will be offered treatment for you and the prescriber to jointly consider. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber's.

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    Salamol contains the active ingredient salbutamol, a medicine that belongs to the class of bronchodilators. The active ingredient is inhaled through the use of an inhaler or a nebulizer, to allow it to act directly in the lungs where it works fast in relieving asthma attacks, shortness or breath, or chest tightness.

    Salamol inhaler can be used shortly before exercising if you have an exercise-triggered asthma. You can also use it if you know that you will be exposed to allergens that will trigger your wheezing, such as pollen or pet fur. Salamol will open your airways and help prevent wheezing.

    Salamol is available as a CFC-free inhaler, Salamol easi-breathe CFC-free inhaler, and Salamol steri-nebs, which all contain the active ingredient salbutamol. Salbutamol works by acting on receptors in the lungs called beta 2 receptors. The medicine causes the muscles in the airways to relax and allows the opening of the airways for easy breathing.

    In asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), airways become narrowed, making it difficult for the air to get in and out of the lungs. By opening the airways, salbutamol makes breathing easier. Salbutamol works within a few minutes of taking a dose, with its effects lasting for four to six hours.

    Salamol is effective in providing immediate relief from the symptoms of asthma. Salbutamol, the active ingredient in Salamol effectively cause the muscles in the airways to relax to allow its opening for easy breathing.

    Salamol effectively relieves the symptoms of an asthma attack in a few minutes.

    When using Salamol, always follow the order of your doctor or the instructions in the information leaflet that comes with the product package. Your doctor will tell you how many puffs to use each day. Do not exceed the doctor’s prescribed dose.

    You should learn how to correctly use your inhaler in order to get the right amount of medication into your lungs. Instructions will also be provided with the inhaler. You can request your doctor or nurse to demonstrate to you the proper use of the inhaler.

    Salamol CFC-free inhaler is a metered dose inhaler. It delivers the medicine as a fine mist or spray. You need to coordinate the pressing down of the canister and the breathing in of the spray. If you find it difficult to use Salamol inhaler because of difficulty to press down the canister, you can use a spacer device to make the use of the inhaler easier.

    Salamol easi-breathe inhaler is a breath actuated inhaler. It automatically releases a dose of the medicine as you through the mouthpiece. You need to put the mouthpiece to your lips and breathe in steadily and deeply to take a dose of the medicine. Do not stop breathing when you feel the puff in your mouth. It is important that you keep breathing in after the release of the puff.

    Salamol steri-nebs are to be used in a nebulizer. It is usually used in a hospital setting. A nebulizer converts the liquid medicine inside the nebules into particles that can be inhaled. It is used to deliver higher doses of medicine than a standard inhaler.

    Salamol is used for the relief of an acute asthma attack. Be sure to follow the instructions and the dose recommended by your doctor. Salamol inhalers or steri-nebs can be used to prevent breathing problems. It should be used about 10 minutes before exercising or exposure to an allergen to open up the airways.

    Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual users differently. Not everyone who uses this medicine will experience the possible side effects.

    The following are the common side effects of Salamol:

    • A headache
    • Feeling shaky
    • Feeling tense
    • Faster than normal heartbeat

    The following are the rare side effects of Salamol:

    • Heart palpitations
    • Mouth or throat irritation
    • Muscle cramps
    • Feeling sick or vomiting
    • Flushing
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Hyperactivity in children
    • Low level of potassium in blood

    Salamol should not be used by people who are allergic or intolerant to any ingredient of the medicine.

    The following individuals need a lower dose of Salamol or extra monitoring:

    • Those with heart disease
    • Those with irregular heartbeat
    • Those with diabetes
    • Those with high blood pressure
    • Those with a low level of potassium in the blood

    It is important that asthma is well controlled during pregnancy, as it may pose a threat to the developing baby. As much as possible, asthma medications should be taken by inhaler because it minimizes the amount of medicine that enters the bloodstream and crosses the placenta to the developing baby.

    The amount this medicine that passes into breast milk after using an inhaler is negligible and will not likely harm the nursing infant.

    Be sure to inform your doctor before you use Salamol if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    It is important that your doctor be made aware of all the medicines that you are currently taking before you start using Salamol. Similarly, check with your doctor before you start or stop using a medication while you are using Salamol.

    You can safely buy Salamol online at UK Meds. You will need first to have an online consultation with a medical doctor before your order will be supplied. The online consultation will ensure that Salamol is the right medication for your medical condition.

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