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    Top Tips for Pregnancy Testing

    Home pregnancy tests are a quick and easy way to find out if you are pregnant. In this article, we share our top 5 tips for pregnancy testing so that you can feel sure that the result you get is an accurate one. 

    1. Always Test in the Morning

    Pregnancy tests work by detecting levels of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), the hormone that is produced in pregnancy. This hormone can be detected in the blood and the urine. This means that women can test their urine at home to find out if they are pregnant. Doing a pregnancy test in the morning will provide the most accurate test result. This is because the concentration of the hCG hormone will be at its strongest when your bladder has been storing urine all night.  

    If you test at other times of the day, the concentration of hCG in the urine may not be strong enough to give a positive test result. This is particularly true in the very early days of pregnancy when many women like to do a pregnancy test. Where possible, only take a pregnancy test when you first wake up in the morning, as this will give you the best chance of an accurate result.

    2. Don’t Test Too Early

    When you are trying to conceive, it’s natural to want to test within days of ovulation occurring. However, many tests are unable to pick up a pregnancy in its very earliest stages, as the levels of hCG are not yet strong enough to be detected. This can be a very emotional time. Testing too early can lead to frustration and disappointment, especially when you are desperate for a positive result but do not get one. If a pregnancy is in its very early stages, the early test could cause you unnecessary distress.

    If your periods are regular, it is best to wait until your period is late before testing. If your periods are irregular, try to wait around 10 to 14 days after you think ovulation would have occurred. Waiting not only helps to avoid unnecessary disappointment, but also reduces the financial burden of taking pregnancy tests before the time is right. 

    3. Choose the Right Test for You

    You may be surprised to learn that a more expensive test is not necessarily better than a cheaper one! Home pregnancy tests all work in the same way to detect hCG in the urine to give a positive or negative result. If it takes you a little while to conceive, the cost of pregnancy tests could quickly add up. 

    However, some women may feel more confident about the result given by a more expensive or fancy-looking test. Choose the test that gives you confidence in its results and suits your budget, and then stick with that test. 

    Babystart ECOstrip Pregnancy Tests are early detection home tests that are more than 99% accurate in detecting pregnancy. With these tests, it is possible to get a positive result just 10 days after intercourse. However, if you do test before your missed period and get a negative result, you should test once your period is late as a positive test may occasionally not show until later when your hormone levels are higher.

    4. Monitor Your Body Temperature

    You may already be in the habit of tracking your body temperature each day to monitor ovulation. Interestingly, your temperature can also indicate whether conception has occurred. Monitor your temperature from the time of ovulation onwards. If it remains elevated for more than 20 days, and you have not had your period, then it is highly likely that you have conceived. You can then take a pregnancy test to give you the confirmation you need.

    5. Visit Your GP if Concerned

    If you are getting negative pregnancy tests at home, but your period is late or you are experiencing other symptoms that suggest you might be pregnant, it is wise to visit your GP. Doctors can perform a blood test to look for the hCG hormone. Compared to home pregnancy tests which only look for hCG in the urine, the blood test is a more accurate way of confirming if conception has occurred. After the blood test, your doctor will be able to reassure you one way or the other.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are trying to conceive, it is often an emotional time. Knowing how to get the most accurate result from home pregnancy tests can give you reassurance that the result you get is accurate. Testing in the morning, and not testing until your period would be due, can increase the accuracy of the test to avoid false negatives.

    Babystart ECOstrip Pregnancy Tests are more than 99% accurate, and provide a result within just 1 to 3 minutes.

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