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Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced mainly in the testes, that stimulates the development of masculine characteristics. It’s a hormone that’s most often associated with sex drive and sperm production, but low levels of testosterone can lead to a number of symptoms such as less energy, lower bone mass and feelings of moodiness.

If you’re experiencing decreased amounts of testosterone, then you can boost these with our range of treatments.

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    The male sex hormone, Testosterone, is created mainly in the testes, but also in the ovaries, as both men and women produce it. Men however, naturally produce a much higher amount, which leads to typically masculine characteristics like facial hair and a deep voice. Its primary function though is the regulation of a man’s sex drive, so low levels of the hormone can lead to impotence issues, reduced libido and low semen levels. This means that a man may be less interested in sex (or not at all) without adequate levels of this hormone, and when he does have sex, he may find that he’s not able to perform.

    Testosterone also works to regulate bone and muscle mass, as well as the way in which a man stores fat. So a reduced amount can lead to thinner bones and weight gain. Like with a lot of hormones for both men and women, Testosterone is also responsible for mood, meaning that low levels can cause moodiness or feelings of depression, as well as low self-esteem.

    Testosterone production is naturally at its highest in a man’s prime, with levels beginning to taper off as he gets older. Normally this is nothing to worry about and is simply an explanation as to why men may be less interested in sex as they age, or why they may find it harder to conceive a baby (due to lower sperm count). But a lot of men under 30 experience a premature decline in their natural testosterone production, which can cause some problems.

    The cause can often be linked to other illnesses and conditions, with AIDS, kidney disease and liver problems all contributing to lowering the hormone levels. It can also be a direct effect of injury or medication, such as injury to the testes or cancer treatments (like radiation or chemotherapy).

    Low testosterone production can be heavily linked to diet, with obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure all having an impact on the amount your body makes. It can also be related to lifestyle and levels may dip if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, use illegal drugs or use certain types of medication, such as anabolic steroids.

    If your body is not naturally producing enough of the male sex hormone, then there are ways to artificially boost it.

    Testogel is enhanced with Testosterone and through application to the shoulders, stomach or upper arms, the hormone penetrates the skin, is absorbed by your body and helps to alleviate symptoms related to sex, body makeup or masculinity.

    Tostran gel is another option that works in very much the same way, boosting Testosterone levels that are naturally lacking and helping to restore a man’s hormone balance. If you are worried that you may be suffering from low testosterone then you can treat this easily with our doctor’s service and online delivery from UK Meds.

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