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    35 Medical Conditions That GPs Will No Longer Issue a Prescription For (NHS England - June 2022)

    Why are GPs not issuing prescriptions for certain health problems?

    The decision, which was announced towards the latter end of May, is going to affect thousands of people all over England and has been met with some negative feedback. Some people have taken to social media to voice their concerns, whereas others have written to their local GPs to query the decision. But why exactly has this decision been made?

    Simply put, the decision has been made as an effort to save the NHS money. Rather than spending money on medications that are available over the counter, the NHS has chosen to stop allowing GPs to prescribe them, allowing for patients to instead purchase the medication over the counter. This has caused some patients to become concerned about their medication, with some believing they will not get the same quality of care without their prescription medication.

    The focus of the NHS has reportedly shifted towards providing funds for more serious health conditions. In a quote, the NHS has stated, “By reducing the amount the NHS spends on treating these minor health conditions, the NHS can give priority to treatments for patients with more serious conditions such as cancer and mental health problems."

    How was the decision on which medical conditions would be affected made?

    The decision of what medical conditions would be affected seemingly has been made based on whether there are over-the-counter medications available to treat certain conditions, as well as the severity of the effects certain conditions have on sufferers. Unfortunately for people suffering from the conditions on the list, they may not see their condition as unserious, and they may begin to feel like they have been abandoned by their GP. 

    Whilst there are certainly some conditions on the list that are more minor in terms of long-term effects, symptoms, and potential risk, there are others which have raised eyebrows upon their inclusion. 

    What are the 35 health conditions that GPs won't prescribe medication for? 

    So what exactly are the 35 health conditions that have had their treatments altered? Below is a table with every condition that has been deemed non-prescribable. 

    The majority of these conditions are perfectly treatable using over-the-counter medications. However, others may need specialised treatments that require a prescription. Whilst the above conditions are not entirely serious, they can provide great discomfort to the sufferer, and when treatments are more difficult to attain, people in need of them may suffer. 

    What has the government said about the change in issuing of medical prescriptions?

    The government has had its say on the change in prescriptions. Conservative Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said that the changes will help to “put more money in people’s pockets.” With the current changes to the cost of living, changing the way people have to get their medication may in fact do the opposite. Javid added, “The rise in the cost of living has been unavoidable as we face global challenges and the repercussions of Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine.” He said, “Whilst we can’t completely prevent these rises, where we can help - we absolutely will.”

    Are there any exceptions to the changes for the issuing of medical prescriptions?

    Yes, there are exceptions to these changes, and people who are eligible for free prescriptions will still be able to get them. Eligible people include those on state benefits, pregnant women and new mothers, people with diabetes and other specified medical conditions, and those over the age of 60 and under the age of 16. 

    Can you still get a free prescription online?

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