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Here at UK Meds, we're committed to more than just providing you with the medications you need. Our Health Hub is here for you to use when you need expert insight into conditions, medications and interactions. Plus we will include any relevant medical news that we believe will be of value to you and your health.

Which medical conditions can pharmacies now diagnose and treat?

UK Meds explore which medical conditions UK pharmacies can now diagnose & treat

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Why is it difficult to see a GP now?

Customers ask us the question, ‘Why is it difficult to see a GP now?’. UK Meds explain why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a GP appointment.

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Quiz: Food Intolerance Symptoms

Food Intolerance Symptoms Quiz - take UK Meds' quiz to test & improve your knowledge of food intolerance symptoms!

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How to get prescription medications online

It is probably easier than you think to get a prescription for medication online. At UK Meds, you simply need to complete an online consultation when browsing for the medication that you need, if you do not already have a valid prescription.


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A beginner's guide to Famotidine for acid reflux and heartburn

UK Meds explain Famotidine for acid reflux & heartburn treatment, answering common questions from our customers


What Is Silent Acid Reflux?

UK Meds explain what silent acid reflux is & the common questions people ask about silent reflux / laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR)


What causes reflux in infants? Explaining GER & GERD

UK Meds explore what causes reflux in infants. We provide an explanation to GER & GERD & how to treat the conditions.


How Do You Avoid Acid Reflux?

UK Meds outline some of the main causes of acid reflux, as well as some ways that you can avoid acid reflux entirely in our blog.


A Guide to Pantoprazole

Pantoprazole is a medication used to help regulate & treat problems with stomach acid. Read UK Meds guide to Pantoprazole to learn everything you need to know!


What is lansoprazole used for?

Read UK Meds blog: What Is Lansoprazole Used For?


How Long Does It Take For Omeprazole To Work?

Read UK Meds blog: How Long Does It Take For Omeprazole To Work?


What is acid reflux?

Read UK Meds blog: What Is Acid Reflux?

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