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Here at UK Meds, we're committed to more than just providing you with the medications you need. Our Health Hub is here for you to use when you need expert insight into conditions, medications and interactions. Plus we will include any relevant medical news that we believe will be of value to you and your health.

A beginner’s guide to Wegovy for weight loss

UK Meds explain everything to know about Wegovy (semaglutide), the weight loss treatment, answering common questions from our customers

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Mental Health Awareness: A Beginner's Guide to Common Phobias

UK Meds explains common phobias & answer common questions about the mental health condition that customers ask us

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Do I Have A Cold or Hayfever Quiz

Take UK Meds 'Do I Have A Cold or Hayfever Quiz ' to find out if you might be suffering from a common cold or hay fever & when to consider seeing a doctor

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What are the Benefits of Ordering Prescriptions Online?

UK Meds explain the benefits of ordering prescriptions online.


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Top Tips for Weight Loss

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6 penis facts you probably didn't know

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Can you take Paracetamol with Codeine together?

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How PrEP protects against HIV

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Is Thrush an STI?

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