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Here at UK Meds, we're committed to more than just providing you with the medications you need. Our Health Hub is here for you to use when you need expert insight into conditions, medications and interactions. Plus we will include any relevant medical news that we believe will be of value to you and your health.

Which medical conditions can pharmacies now diagnose and treat?

UK Meds explore which medical conditions UK pharmacies can now diagnose & treat

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Why is it difficult to see a GP now?

Customers ask us the question, ‘Why is it difficult to see a GP now?’. UK Meds explain why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a GP appointment.

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Quiz: Food Intolerance Symptoms

Food Intolerance Symptoms Quiz - take UK Meds' quiz to test & improve your knowledge of food intolerance symptoms!

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How to get prescription medications online

It is probably easier than you think to get a prescription for medication online. At UK Meds, you simply need to complete an online consultation when browsing for the medication that you need, if you do not already have a valid prescription.


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World Infertility Awareness Month 2022

This UK Meds blog provides you with all of the information you need regarding World Infertility Awareness Month 2022.


Love Your Lungs Week 2022

In this article, UK Meds explain what Love Your Lungs Week is, giving you all the information you need to know about it this June.


A Guide To Men's Health Week 2023

This UK Meds article is a comprehensive guide to Men’s Health Week 2023, providing you with all the information you need to know.


Does Folic Acid Increase Fertility?

Folic acid has a number of benefits when regularly consumed via food or supplements, but, does folic acid increase fertility? Find out more at UK Meds!


How to Increase Fertility After 35

As time goes on, your fertility can reduce. How can you increase fertility after the age of 35? Find out how in our latest blog.


Nottingham Forest: 2022 EFL Championship Play-Off Final Winners!

UK Meds congratulate 2022 EFL Championship Play-Off Final winners Nottingham Forest on successful promotion to the Premier League


Why is Tobacco Addictive?

In this UK Meds article, we will provide you with all of the information you need about the addictive qualities of tobacco, giving you tips on how to quit smoking.


Does the Pill Affect Fertility?

In this UK Meds article, we will answer questions regarding the pill, as well as others regarding contraception and fertility.

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